Monday, July 14, 2014

A List Of Things That Make Life Worth Living

It's easy to get down on yourself in life. I am guilty of it , you are as well and so is everyone else! It's so cliche to say this, but how can one truly appreciate the beauty life has to offer without going through the tough stuff, too? To counteract those blues, try making a list of the positives that make living worthwhile to you. There's always a silver lining. I hope this list helps inspire you...!

Things that make life worth living (to me):
  • riding a bike and feeling that cool, earthy breeze in your face
  • lucid dreaming (and flying!)
  • being solitude in the woods
  • the absolute astonishing GIFT of life and when you realize the insane complexity of it all
  • being at the right place, at the right time to help a complete stranger
  • connecting with someone on a very deep level
  • intelligent/interesting conversations
  • weirdos and people that are entirely comfortable with themselves
  • when someone is raw with you and shares their deepest emotions
  • genuine smiles (and crinkly eye smiles!)
  • that feeling when you discover something mind blowing
  • when you have a life changing epiphany
  • feeling your heart race
  • making someone belly laugh
  • when you witness a breathtaking experience and you look at the person next to you who also saw it..."whoa dude"
  • getting over your fears, your self doubts or depression (INVINCIBLE!...okay, mentally at least)
  • when you're on the same page as someone in a conversation and you both say the same sentence
  • meeting people with genuine, compassionate souls from the get go
  • those extremely rare people that do not judge you and from the moment they meet you have always welcomed you with open arms (I've expressed my gratitude to these people recently...if you are reading know who you are and I love you<3)
  • feeling free, open and beautiful, not caring of judgement (like your crazy hair)
  • seeing people who are passionate and KICK ASS at what they do (dancers/artists/musicians/performance artists)
  • seeing others flourish or succeed
  • witnessing breathtaking views in nature
  • seeing all the colors of a beautiful sunset/sunrise
  • laying in a hammock and rocking back and forth like a baby
  • feeling a cool breeze when you're hot and sweaty
  • watching plants grow that you personally planted yourself
  • the ability to express yourself and create something with your hands
  • listening to your favorite music and getting chills
  • waking up and seeing that it's sunny outside
  • the first day it's warm after a long and cold winter
  • when someone appreciates effort you put into something (like a piece of art or song)
  • people coming together to create something amazing or to help others/animals
  • seeing the birth of new life
  • seeing ALL living things as important life (that includes that spider you just intentionally squished...poor guy was cleaning up all the tiny bugs roaming around in your house and this is how you repay him?!)
  • late night bonfires with good friends
  • a warm shower after a day in the cold..or a cold shower after a day in the heat
  • a good, hoppy beer (or two) every once in a while
  • big fat green bong rips ;p (I'm sorry, I had to)
  • walking barefoot in the sand, mud or grass (so squishy in my toes)
  • the smell of the ocean, the woods, herbs/flowers/plants/greenery
  • dancing around your apartment to your favorite jams
  • playing an instrument
  • singing as loud as you can in your car (dude in the lane next to me...what chu staring at?!)
  • ice cream
  • chocolate
  • tacos
  • avocado
  • ice cream
  • fried foods
  • heart hugs
  • baby animals
    okay....I'm sorry, this list is getting a little ridiculous.

    Please share with me some of your favorite things that make life worth living!


    1. I somehow found myself here through your infinite 8tracks playlist. The music is giving me an awesome feeling. Thanks for sharing. I must say I agree strongly with your list, especially the avocado part. One thing I would add that makes life worth living is finding a random blog on the internet that remind me awesome people are everywhere :) I hope you are not only enjoying to see others flourish and succeed. I hope you experience that yourself. KICK ASS!

      1. You, my friend, completely brightened up my day! : ) PM me on 8tracks if you'd like...I'm always happy to follow others who are like-minded. Thank you for writing and enjoy your day!